Great Grooming

Great Grooming for Small- to Medium-sized Dogs

The Guchi Puchi is a family-owned business in Hastings, Nebraska. We started the business in a effort to give my own dog Zoey, a toy poodle, the best pet experiences and set a new standard for grooming. We have made it our personal goal to give your pet the same experience. You will not find us grooming more than 2 dogs at a time unless they are from the same family, ensuring one-on-one treatment for your dog. We treat your pet with the same love and respect as you would. We groom your pet in a homey environment and as your pet waits for you to pick him/her up after their styling session, we let him/her play with the family until you arrive (as long as the dog is sociable). We love our dogs enough to give them the very best and hope you don’t mind us doing the same for your dog. Be sure to take a look at some of our happy customers.

Professional Styling

Your pet will never look better. We at the Guchi Puchi only use Espree® all natural shampoos and conditioners. Espree products are made using only the finest human-grade ingredients such as aloe vera and natural essential herbal oils. They contain no pesticides and are ideal for pets with allergies or sensitive skin.

Like Family

As soon as your pet arrives at the Guchi Puchi we treat him/her as part of the family. Your pet will receive lots of love and maybe even a kiss or two. While getting styled, some other members of the family may come to take a peek and maybe even give your dog a little massage. That’s all part of belonging to our family and why so many continue to come back to the Guchi Puchi.

We Love Dogs

We love all the good and some bad experiences we have had with being pet stylists. Every pet has their own personality and that’s what makes it sooo fun!  Styling dogs gives us the opportunity to spend time with all the different breeds without bringing them home to live with us. We love dogs so much, if we could own more we would. But we realize we are better off just loving everyone else's dogs.

Request an Appointment

To request a appointment with us please call 402-469-9440 or 402-746-4860.
All appointments will be made Monday through Friday starting at 9 a.m.




Grooming Showcase



My Pomeranian Neco had her first visit with Shelly when she was only 10 weeks old.  We were hoping to just get her used to the new noises and didn't expect much done.  Neco was sooo comfortable with the environment that she acted as if she had been being groomed for years, which allowed Shelly to give her a full groom!  

-Amber S.